I am not a business student, can I apply?

Our JETS is not limited to Business students, we welcome candidates from a broad and diverse background to bring different perspectives to our business.

Do you hire graduates with some work experience?

Our JETS aims to recruit fresh graduates. While we have accepted trainees with one to two years’ work experience in the past, all trainees receive a standardised compensation package during the 3-year programme. If you have been working for a number of years and accumulated certain level of professional experiences, you may want to consider applying for open positions under experienced hire.

Can I make a speculative application by email?

You must apply by completing our online application form, which can be found here. Speculative applications by any other methods will not be considered.

How many graduate trainees will Jardines take on each year?

We do not have a quota. We will take on high calibre individuals as long as they meet our selection criteria, demonstrate leadership potential and excel in their performance throughout the entire assessment process.

If my application is successful, when will I start?

Our programme starts in September every year in the form of a cohort.

If I am unsuccessful in my application, can I re-apply?

If your application was unsuccessful and would like to apply again, you are most welcome to do so in the following year. However, you can only submit one JETS application per year.

How long does it take to complete the Online Immersive Assessment and Job Simulation?

For each of the stages (JET Online Immersive Assessment, JET Job Simulation), it can take around approximately 60 minutes to complete. These are not timed assessments and you will be given all the instructions you need to complete the assessment. Whilst we recommend you complete each assessment in one sitting, you can take your time to complete it. Please feel free to take as many breaks as you need. However, there are some questions, for example those that require you to record a video response, where there is a strict time to prepare your answer and record your response.

What should I prepare for the Online Immersive Assessment and Job Simulation?

Prior to taking the assessment, ensure you are well rested and are in your sharpest mind and attention.

Check your equipment (e.g. wifi connection, version of your Internet browser: Google Chrome (version 49+), Firefox (version 29+), and Opera (version 55+) to minimise potential technical challenges.

Pick a venue / location where you are free from any distractions to complete the assessment.

Before you start each stage (Jet Online Immersive Assessment, JET Job Simulation), go through the tutorial fully and carefully to make sure you understand how to navigate the assessment platform.

For the JET Job Simulation, you are required to submit video responses. Please be prepared to present yourself in a professional manner (e.g. professional clothing, proper grooming). Check your equipment (e.g. camera, microphone) in advance to minimise potential technical challenges.

Can the Online Immersive Assessment and Job Simulation be completed on a tablet or mobile phone?

Yes, tablet and mobile phone are supported for the JET Online Immersive Assessment, but you will need your laptop or PC if you are invited to complete the JET Job Simulation assessment. If possible, we would recommend completing all assessments using a laptop or PC. The following browsers are best used for optimal experience: Google Chrome (version 49+), Firefox (version 29+), and Opera (version 55+).

Can I take the Online Immersive Assessment and Job Simulation in my native language?

Both the JET Online Immersive Assessment and JET Job Simulation are set in English, as we expect our graduate trainees to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

We pay special attention to write the assessment items in plain English to ensure candidates with English as first or second language will all be at an equal playing field.

For videos, English caption is provided to facilitate comprehension.

Whom should I contact if I encounter technical problems (e.g. internet disconnection during the test / can’t access the test platform)?

All assessments are supported by Frequently Asked Questions documentation which can be accessed within the assessment. Just click on the Help button in the top right-hand corner.

If this does not provide the answers you need, there is an online form you can complete and one of our assessment provider’s support agents will get in touch with you to resolve your issue.

You should also contact the recruitment team at JETS@jardines.com

What should I do if I have special requirements for completing the tests?

All assessments are designed with accessibility in mind, but we treat every candidate on an individual basis. We suggest you connect with the recruitment team to discuss your personal needs.

Some examples of how we factor this into our assessment design include:
  • To enable candidates with visual impairments to complete the assessment, all charts and tables are designed as data-driven objects which can be interpreted more effectively by screen readers. For all other image or sources, the assessment includes Alt Text that includes all the information provided by the source.
  • To enable candidates with auditory impairments to complete the assessment, all videos included in the assessments have captions turned on by default.

The assessment can also make reasonable timing adjustments. Candidates are asked at the point of application if there is a need for additional support. As our assessments are not timed, any timing adjustment is applied to both the preparation and recording time of video response questions.

When will I hear back if I am shortlisted to Job Simulation stage?

You can expect to hear back from us by mid-October.

When will I hear back if I am invited to AC?

You can expect to hear back from us 2 weeks prior to the AC date.

What happens at the Assessment Centre (AC)?

At AC, you will take on several challenging tasks including individual management presentation, peer group discussion, interviews, etc.

Our senior executives and business leaders will observe and provide feedback at the end of AC to help you gain valuable insights into your strengths and areas of improvement.

Who are the AC assessors?

Group Human Resources, our business leaders and current JETS.

What should I prepare for the AC?

For the AC, there is no need to do any preparation. We encourage you to ‘be yourself’ during the AC so that we can see your natural style and strengths.

If I cannot join the AC, would HR arrange a make-up interview?

There will not be any make-up interview so we hope candidate will be able to check and reserve time from their calendar and be able to attend the respective location AC that they have selected.

What skillsets or attributes is Jardines looking for?

We are looking for high potential graduates who possess a unique set of attributes. Find out if you have what it takes to be a Jardine Executive Trainee here.

I do not have a business background. How do we prepare for the selection process?

Our trainees come from all degree disciplines, and many of them do not have a business degree. We focus more on your leadership qualities and attitudes, rather than your technical knowledge. Find out more about the qualities we are looking for here. On top of that, information on our company website and financial reports will also help you understand our business better.

What management and leadership training will JETS provide?

In addition to on-the-job experiences, you will build your leadership skills and business acumen through various dynamic development programmes. Even before you start, your dedicated Mentor and Buddy will start working with you. Through coaching and mentoring sessions, they will support you at every step of your development journey with us.

Can I choose which business to work in?

We will certainly consider your interests and preference. Our scheme is designed to expose you to two different industries in the Group. We will make sure your ultimate placement matches the stage of your training plan.

How far can I expect to progress at Jardines?

JETS is designed to develop future CEOs and General Managers to run our businesses. While we will be there to support you from the very beginning, you are the owner of your career. Make sure you maximise every learning opportunity in the scheme to build a strong foundation to achieve your career ambitions.

Will I get overseas exposure?

You will experience one overseas placement where Jardines has a presence in addition to working in Hong Kong during your first year.

Which six functions will I experience through JETS?

Over the course of three years in the scheme, you will experience four core functions – HR, Finance, Innovation and Sales & Operations. The other two functions, for example Marketing and Supply Chain, will depend on role-specific development needs for you to become a future leader in your industry.